What Types of Home Care Services Are There?

What Types of Home Care Services Are There?

Aged Care Services  agencies can often offer you most of the care and services you that you receive in a hospital – in your own home. Sometimes you might just need a nurse to help you recover – but there are lots of other services available too, if your condition requires more specialised health care attention. Usually your home health care providers will coordinate with your doctor to design the best care plan for your needs.

The kinds of services most home nursing agencies will offer are:

Nursing care

Whether you need post-hospitalisation care while you recover from a major surgery, elderly care or severe/terminal illness care for your loved one, or baby care to help you out with the little one while you recover – home care agencies will have highly skilled nurses available in all of those fields. They will help the patient, and relieve the stress of the entire family, by coming into the home and taking care of all the family’s needs. The nurse can take care of wounds. They can administer treatments and medicine, and monitor progress or side effects.

Special services

In some cases, patients might need some more specialised care – such as physical therapy. Some home care agencies will have a physical therapist working in collaboration with them, who will come and help you in your home if you have problems with your muscles or joints. Other kinds of specialist care include occupational therapy that helps with problems keeping you from doing everyday activities like eating or dressing, and speech therapy that helps if you have trouble speaking.

Most home care agencies also offer a few extra services that aren’t health related – but make your life a lot easier.

Homemaker help

This includes helping you with light household tasks like doing the washing, housekeeping and buying some groceries for you. These services just help to keep your household running smoothly while you recover. In some cases, a home care agency will assign one person who will offer you health care, and also perform a few light household tasks.

Nutrition support and help with diet

It’s very important to eat healthy food while you recover, to give your body all the nutrients it needs to heal. Often home care agencies will work with in conjunction with a dietician to plan a diet for your specific medical, dietary requirements. In some cases they also offer meal preparation services.


Sometimes there are services that can’t be brought to you at your home, and you will need to get around. If you can’t drive yourself, some home care agencies will offer you transportation services. They’ll work with you to set up a schedule and make sure that you get driven to any doctor’s appointments or help you run any errands that you need to get to.

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