About Good Garage Door

About Good Garage Door

One important element in a house design is a garage. The function of the garage is not only as a place to store the vehicle so it is safe to be protected from the sting of sunlight and rain and/or evil hands when placed outside the house, but aesthetically able to support the appearance of the house to look attractive and beautiful. Therefore the design needs to be considered.

Each house has its own style and style so it is important to design the garage according to the look of the house. Such as a house with a minimalist style it will match with Wrought Iron Railings.

Wrought Iron Railings

Some of the following can be a concern as well as a guide when trying to design and design a garage, namely:


This must be the main consideration because it involves a priority scale when you want to build and or design a garage. It is not recommended to have a garage if your homeland area is less than 90m2. Except the garage is a top priority to beat the house. Such as your land area of ​​70 m2 then you force yourself to build a garage, then be prepared to sacrifice the width of another room that has more standard functions such as a living room or family room.


Consider the right size when you first want to design it. Adjust the garage area to the needs. Usually, this depends on the size of the vehicle owned. Such as cars owned by city car types such as Jazz, Yaris, Karimun, Picanto and other similar cars, the garage with an area of ​​2.4m x 4.8m will be sufficient. You can still add cabinets or other furniture on the side or in front.

Conversely, if the vehicle is large and more than one, you need a garage with a larger size of at least 3m x 6m, and or more, with a minimum height of 2.8m. The large size needed to accommodate the number of vehicles also helps maneuver the car when entering the garage. This size is certainly very flexible because you might park another vehicle such as a motorbike or bicycle between the car and the wall.

Or even you don’t just want to make the garage as a vehicle place but also a place to deviate from items that are rarely used or items that are often used. This will make it easier for you to reach it. Simply add an area on the side or on the front of the garage.


Not just a style that is similar to the house, as well as the color of the garage paint. Will look more harmonious when the color is the same. Apply neutral/bright colors such as white or cream that will make the garage space look bright and not crowded even though it is often full of stacks of complementary vehicles.


Ventilation is useful to remove dust and other particles that move up from the car in addition to air circulation. Therefore, make sure the circulation goes well because this element is often overlooked. Make a garage door with an air grille right on the muffler of the car’s exhaust so that the exhaust gas is immediately wasted out. Also, add air vents on the right or left side of the entrance to facilitate circulation.


As a place to store vehicles, you need to consider the type of floor that is suitable for the garage. Vehicles that are placed are susceptible to removing oil spills, oil spills, AC water droplets, etc. that quickly contaminate the floor. Choose a floor that has small pores like ceramic or granite so that it is not easy to absorb dirt and easy to clean. Choose the type of ceramic that is not slippery and colored not too bright to appear not dirty.


Generally, this is related to the right type of door to choose from. The right type of door not only gives a direct effect on the appearance of the garage but also meets the needs of security and needs.

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