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Month: February 2017

Eight Things You Never Knew About Tim Allen’s ‘Home Improvement’

Eight Things You Never Knew About Tim Allen’s ‘Home Improvement’

For eight testosterone-crammed years, Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor dominated TV, entertaining us together with his manly grunts and his disaster-susceptible behaviour. Al gets along well with Tim’s sons, normally being more astute to their pranks than Tim. The oldest of Tim and Jill’s sons, Brad was greatest identified for his relative reputation and athletic skill, together with a proficiency at soccer. The first filmed pilot was produced in April 1991, with Frances Fisher enjoying Jill Taylor. A variation was when Tim hits his head whereas taking place a U.S. plane carrier steps.

I think I’m going to should put my money on Tim and Al right here, largely due to the truth that I’ve never even seen or heard of the competitors (which clearly says something about THEIR talent or lack thereof). Without his guru to dispense esoteric knowledge the Tool Man will spin uncontrolled like an unguarded energy … Read More

Benefits to Managing Your Own Home Renovation

Benefits to Managing Your Own Home Renovation

If you have ever watched a sitcom on television, then you have likely seen the humorous scenario where the homeowners attempt to arrange and manage an improvement or renovation to their home. Of course, for comedy sake, this always ends badly with a few small injuries and canned laughter.

Home Renovation

The truth of situations like these is that every homeowner can manage their own home improvement. In fact, doing so has many benefits; some of which are below.

Save Time

The first appointment with your project manager is likely to be prompt and informative. However, it’s the delays that occur in between contact and milestones where you have no idea what they are doing.

Because project managers are often managing multiple sites, yours doesn’t receive their full attention, meaning approvals or checks could bank up, wasting valuable labor time.

Complete Control

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