Smart Remodeling Makes More Room in your House and Wallet

Smart Remodeling Makes More Room in your House and Wallet

One thing we hear repeatedly when people are purchasing a new home is that they want plenty of space for visiting family and friends.  “I’ve got to have an extra bedroom for when ____________ comes to visit,” is a phrase contractors hear again and again.   No matter how far away from home you may roam to purchase a new domain –  a few blocks, miles or clear across the country, more than likely, if you are undertaking a remodeling project, you are doing so with someone else in mind.


This is especially true if you are remodeling your bathrooms and kitchens and want better and newer amenities.  In some cases, as homeowners are aging in place, these changes might be made to accommodate an aging parent or relative who will be moving in, or to allow for their own future lifestyle changes.  Before the bubble burst, there was a trend to go for the McMansion.  Now folks are staying in place and building smarter, not always larger.

Among millennials, those 18-35, however, the desire for low maintenance features ranked highest when they were surveyed.  For example, they are choosing quartz countertops over higher maintenance choices like marble or granite.   And they are opting for some of the new stainless steel finishes such as those unveiled at home and builders shows this year.  Water saving devices are another hot trend that shows no sign of letting up.

And while you’d think everyone wants to save money, the ultra-high end market is having one of the best years yet.  It seems high end manufacturers are competing to see who can produce the priciest suite of luxury goods.  How much are they?  If you must ask, you probably can’t afford it.

But there is a way to save on something equally important, and that’s getting all those friends and relatives to come visit.  One way to do that is to make sure they take advantage of the savings offered by a Groupon coupon from Hotwire.  Right now, they are offering 60% off hotel rooms in all categories.  And you can apply the coupon from your smart phone or another mobile devise.  They say if you build it, they will come.  How cool that a Hotwire Groupon lets them get there for less.

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